Frequently Asked Questions

We determine your maintenance schedule based on the information you share about your home. For instance, if you tell us you have a central AC unit we recommend you that service it once a year.
Yes you can! Click the "Schedule" link while viewing your home to see your annual schedule, edit task months due, edit frequencies, and add and delete new tasks.
Eventually we intend to pull public record data about your home to build a better maintenance schedule. We're asking for it now so we don't have to have people go back to add it in as features are launched.
We do this to recommend a better air filter schedule. If you have young children or allergies we advise that you change your air filter more frequently as young children and folks with allergies are more sensitive to impurities in the air. Similarly, if you have pets we recommend you change your filters more frequently as pet dander tends to make your filters clog more quickly.
We also don't sell your data (and won't, ever).
At some point in the future we'll figure out something&mdashprobably offerring referrals to high quality providers. But for right now we're focused on creating the best product we can for homeowners like ourselves.
We love to hear from you! Send a note to and we'll get back to you shortly!