How to Clean your Gutters

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Your gutters protect your roof, foundation, and landscape by channeling water off your roof and away from your house. Overtime debris will collect within your gutter system and block the flow of water. Regularly remove the debris to prevent roof leaks, avoid cracks in your foundation, and maintain your landscape.

Tools needed: Optional tools: Task Details
Stand-off Stabilizer Lawn Bags Est time: 1 - 3 hours
Work Gloves Bucket Hanger Cost: $200 - $700 if buying all new equipment
Extension Ladder Sturdy Bucket People needed: 1
Garden Hose

Step 1

Gather your equipment and put on your work gloves. Attach your garden hose to the faucet, turn the water on, and ensure water sprays out of the nozzle when you pull the lever. If you have your stand-off stabilizer attach it to your ladder.

Step 2

Extend your ladder and lay it against your roof. If you have stand off stabilizers ensure that your ladder is not lying directly against your house to prevent damage to your siding and gutters. The ladder should make about a 75° angle with your house.

Step 3

If you have a bucket hanger and bucket attach the bucket hanger to your bucket. Climb up your ladder with the bucket maintaining three points of contact on the ladder at all times (i.e. hand-hand-foot, foot-foot-hand). Stop climbing when the gutter is about at the middle of your chest. If you have a bucket hang it near the top of your ladder.

Step 4

Use your work gloves to pull out all the debris from your gutters in your vicinity. If you have a bucket place the debris in the bucket. Otherwise drop the debris on the ground to be picked up later.

Step 5

Once there is no more debris in your vicinity climb down from the ladder with your bucket if you have it. Round up any debris from the bucket and ground and collect it into a lawn bag.

Step 6

Move the ladder down the side of your house and repeat the process until you've removed all debris that you can with your bucket. Then climb up your ladder again, this time with your hose, washing the remaining dirt and debris out of your gutters.

Step 7

Climb down the ladder, have an iced tea, and relax. You've just cleaned your gutters!

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